How the Communication in Arab Relationships Reflect Their Unique Culture and Tradition

The manner with which you speak indicates your educational attainment, as well as the culture and tradition that you have been brought up in. There are no regions in the world that have exactly the same communication pattern as the other. As a matter of fact, the style of communication in Arab relationships is among the most unique in the world. A thorough understanding of these patterns helps the academe and the love gurus provide the right education to those who ask.

One thing that is very notable in communication in Arab relationships is the dominance of men. This dominance is the same as the power of men seen in the traditional Arab culture. This can be explained by the belief that women should be treated and protected like precious gems.

Technology Keeps Arab Culture and Tradition Alive

The use of modern communication tools is widespread among Arabs. However, how they use these tools on a day-to-day basis differs from how you would use them. The difference is triggered by gender, relationship status, and age.

Survey shows that Arab women prefer to use their cell phones to send text messages than making phone calls. This is because they have been used to living in a society that literally condemns women who initiate contact with men. Hence, men call women. If women want to talk to their partners, they would dial their numbers and then hang up. This popular technique has developed the “missed call” society. In most instances, text messages are only sent when Arab women ask permission from their partners that they will go out.

Society Dictates Communication in Arab Relationships

There is limited use of some aspects of technology as noted in the patterns of communication in Arab relationships. This limitation is easily see in unmarried and unengaged partners. For instance, these partners are prohibited from using video calls. Video calls are considered by most religious sectors as a breach of the norm that prohibits a man and a woman from being together without a supervising male relative.

Further, male dominance is also present in the use of the Internet. In most cases, females would need to surrender the login information on for their emails, instant messaging accounts, and social media accounts. With free access, men can scan their partners’ online accounts. It is generally acceptable if a woman would have a lot of females in her friendslist. However, if she has a lot of mails her friendslist, then that would be the cause of an argument.

A good thing about communication in Arab relationships is that the men would usually cover all the costs. This means that women do not have to spend a dime just to use technological advancements aimed at improving communication.

To you, the communication in Arab relationships may be complicated and gender – biased. But that’s only because you are an outsider. If you would look deeper, you would understand that how communication works for them is also similar to how communication works for you.