A Breathtaking Road Trip In Colorado

If you want to ‘get away from it all,’ then going on a road trip to the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway will easily prove to match your idea of haven. Situated in Colorado’s southwest, this picturesque destination effortlessly enthralls its visitors with a breathtaking landscape of snow-capped mountains, serene lakes and meadows dotted with wild flowers.

With its laid back feel and unspoiled beauty, and featuring an elevation of more than twelve thousand feet, The Loop is a place that will surely make for a memorable family road trip or a sought-after outing with friends. Such a Colorado road trip will help you discover that The Loop is not lacking in activities to keep you – and everyone in the group – happily occupied. From hiking and biking, to several great camping options, or simply lounging away the hours sightseeing, a weekend trip here will open up the wonders of the great outdoors.

For starters, try navigating your trip map to check out some of the most popular attractions The Loop has to offer. If you want to get breathtaking views at an altitude of 12,800 feet, then the Engineer Pass should definitely be included in your family trip planning. It is bordered by Mt. Sneffels in the east, Uncompahgre Peak in the northeast, and the vanished Lake City in the east. Now, if you want to bask in a little solitude and detour from your companions, a trip alone to the Whitmore Falls will revive your senses. The falls can easily be reached after a short trail.

Another great Colorado road trip is the GUANELLA PASS. If you want a family road trip that combines your historical interest without boring your kids to death (let’s face it, very few children will find staring at old buildings amusing), then you might consider going on a road trip to Guanella Pass. This scenic pass, located in Colorado, stretches for 22 miles. The driving time takes roughly two hours, but with diverse things to catch your attention along the way. The trip map of Guanella Pass begins at Georgetown, an utterly quaint and charming place that reflects a great deal of Colorado’s genteel past. Plan a stopover there and take in the well-preserved old buildings, many of which have been converted to museums. While you’re looking at precious artifacts, let your kids explore the town via carriage rides, which is one of the most popular attractions of Georgetown – with good reason.

When you think you’ve had enough sightseeing, head on to Idaho Springs, which is situated nearby. There are several hot springs you can opt to soak in, and of course the tranquil view helps you relax even more. When everyone has replenished their energy, continue your road trip through the old gold mines, or a countryside dining experience the whole family can enjoy.

If at last you’re ready to call it a day, there are bed & breakfasts you can stay in along the South Platte River. And don’t forget to cap off your road trip checking out the famous Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in Bailey!

Top 7 Tips to Achieve Success With a Travel Blog

For travelers, starting a travel blog is not a bad idea at all. By sharing your ideas and travel experiences, you do not only derive pleasure but you also get an opportunity to make money online. Passionate travelers such as Kate (of Adventurous Kate), Matt (of Nomadic Matt), Earl (of Wandering Earl) & Stephanie (of Twenty Something Travel) have been successful in turning their travel blogs into full-time businesses, which earns them good amount of money. There are hundreds of such bloggers who have achieved success with their travel blogs.

If you have a strong passion for travelling too, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of setting up your own travel blog. While starting a blog about travel takes only a couple of minutes, managing it successfully may take months or years.

With some expert tips at hand, however, you can also popularize your travel blog and make money from it without wasting too much time.

Given below are seven tips that you can use –

#1. Share Unique Experiences

If you want to make your travel blog really unique, avoid talking about destinations, cities or towns superficially. There are plenty of travel websites that offer general information on popular travel destinations around the world. What you need to do on your blog is share unique experiences or things or activities that very few people will rarely get a chance (or even think) to do or enjoy.

#2. Learn to Write Well

When it comes to sharing your travel experiences, you should also be able to do it in an expressive manner. You can go to any place or city of the world and indulge in as many interesting activities as you may find. But if you can’t share your story in your own unique style, it will only dilute the impact that you want to make.

Therefore, it’s important that you learn to write well. In any case, avoid copying anyone else’s style. Instead develop your own (if you don’t want to bore readers).

#3. Become an Avid Reader

If you want to become a successful blogger, you don’t just need to travel. You also need to read travel literature extensively. Find out about the most popular travel authors, books that they have written and read them to broaden your knowledge base. Subscribing to popular online travel magazines is also a good idea. If you focus on a specific niche, as a travel blogger, reading relevant travel writings can help you a great deal. To write well, you need to read really well.

#4. Take Attention-Grabbing Pictures

What’s a travel blog without pictures? A travel blog without good pictures looks dead. Like you learn to write well, you also need to photograph attractively. A well-crafted travel blog post coupled with great pictures has the potential to go viral in minutes. And you can never tell a good story without using great pictures.

#5. Be Consistent

Success doesn’t come overnight. Once you start a travel blog, you need to share your experiences, stories and other relevant pieces of information on a regular basis. If you make your readers wait for an entire week or month to read the next post on your blog, you’ll simply lose them forever. So, plan out the content strategy in advance.

#6. Stay Genuine

While sharing your travel stories with readers, you should always stay genuine. By being genuine and honest, you’ll soon be able to develop a personal attachment with readers, an essential ingredient to help you achieve success.

#7. Pay Attention to SEO

What’s your purpose of writing travel stories? Well, you do it so that more and more people can read them. Though content is always the king, you can never neglect the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most of the travel bloggers think that writing great travel content and doing SEO are two different things, which isn’t true. In fact, great writing always remains at the heart of great SEO.

Therefore, don’t let your travel blog fall deeper and deeper into an ocean of obscurity by neglecting SEO.

[It’s a good idea to seek the help of a SEO professional.]

Do you have a travel blog? Feel free to share your views or opinions.

Texas Hold Em Tips: 7 Brand New Expert Strategy Tips

This article is revealing brand new expert strategy Texas Hold Em tips. Don’t miss out on these amazing tips. Read this now.

The Texas Hold Em is probably one of the most common variations of a poker game. The game’s popularity was a result of a well televised event of the very famous World Series of Poker or the WSOP and World Poker Tour.

All famous poker players from online gaming or in any Casino come to join this event. There are even special poker events where famous celebrities show their own talent in playing poker.

Top Expert Strategy Texas Hold Em Tips

The important thing to master in the game of poker is your game face or what they commonly call the poker face.

Tip #1

You should be able to bluff other players or do not let other players read your face. Most good poker players are very observant; not only focusing on the possibilities of their cards but also weighing in their chances against other players.

Tip #2

Your position against the dealer could play an important role also. Analyzing the cards of other players will be easier if you know what position you are in. The “Early Position” refers to the players on the left side of the big blind.

They should be the ones to act first before a flop. After the first position, the following three players are referred to as the “Middle Position” players. Then lastly, next to the “Middle Position” is the “Late Position”.

Tip #3

Patience is also a key virtue in winning this game. If you have good cards and you are seated in the early position, then you should take the opportunity to raise the pot. Having a high pair such as two Aces or Kings is a good reason to raise.

Tip #4

You should also know when to fold. Like when you are in the late position and holding a small pair or a high card with a different pair, then it is the perfect time to decide whether to call or fold when a raise was made before you.


After analyzing the position and possible cards in hand of other players, you should now concentrate with the flop. Always remember that once the blind is posted, it is no longer yours.

Tip #6

It is often a mistake of many players that they try to defend the blind they posted which is wrong especially if you are holding a bad pair. This will only make you lose more money. Know your statistics and do not rely on luck alone in poker.

Tip #7

Analyzing the game and learning more Texas Hold Em tips will give you better chances of winning.