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Texas Hold Em Tips: 7 Brand New Expert Strategy Tips

This article is revealing brand new expert strategy Texas Hold Em tips. Don’t miss out on these amazing tips. Read this now.

The Texas Hold Em is probably one of the most common variations of a poker game. The game’s popularity was a result of a well televised event of the very famous World Series of Poker or the WSOP and World Poker Tour.

All famous poker players from online gaming or in any Casino come to join this event. There are even special poker events where famous celebrities show their own talent in playing poker.

Top Expert Strategy Texas Hold Em Tips

The important thing to master in the game of poker is your game face or what they commonly call the poker face.

Tip #1

You should be able to bluff other players or do not let other players read your face. Most good poker players are very observant; not only focusing on the possibilities of their cards but also weighing in their chances against other players.

Tip #2

Your position against the dealer could play an important role also. Analyzing the cards of other players will be easier if you know what position you are in. The “Early Position” refers to the players on the left side of the big blind.

They should be the ones to act first before a flop. After the first position, the following three players are referred to as the “Middle Position” players. Then lastly, next to the “Middle Position” is the “Late Position”.

Tip #3

Patience is also a key virtue in winning this game. If you have good cards and you are seated in the early position, then you should take the opportunity to raise the pot. Having a high pair such as two Aces or Kings is a good reason to raise.

Tip #4

You should also know when to fold. Like when you are in the late position and holding a small pair or a high card with a different pair, then it is the perfect time to decide whether to call or fold when a raise was made before you.


After analyzing the position and possible cards in hand of other players, you should now concentrate with the flop. Always remember that once the blind is posted, it is no longer yours.

Tip #6

It is often a mistake of many players that they try to defend the blind they posted which is wrong especially if you are holding a bad pair. This will only make you lose more money. Know your statistics and do not rely on luck alone in poker.

Tip #7

Analyzing the game and learning more Texas Hold Em tips will give you better chances of winning.

6 Tips to Get You Started When Looking Into a Home Based Business in the MLM Industry

If you’re reading this article you are probably looking into starting a home based business in the network marketing arena. Know that this my personal view on how to choose a MLM company from my past experiences. When I started my home based business I wish I would’ve researched the MLM industry and how to choose a company before joining. As I look back, this is some valuable information I wish someone would’ve passed on to me. If you are looking in to network marketing as a career, I hope this article assist you in choosing and starting your home based business right.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #1: Research the founder of the company and figure out where the founder/s originated from, have they had other successful businesses before? What’s their vision in life and the business? Where is the company based out of and do they have in-house manufacturing for the product that they sell? As I looked into my company these were question that had to find out and get answers to quick.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #2: What is the MLM companies history, do they have a proven success record?, Are they traded publicly?, Any third-party validation?, What are the annual sales? Do they have any “best something” award from third parties? and how successful are other associates?

If yes, it shows that they have a great track record and the company is more than likely to keep on keeping on.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #3: Does the company take action in empowering others, educating or helping out the community in the local areas. Do they support any non-profit organization?

To me this means that the company cares for others and is not too business oriented.

It’s great to be able to participate in helping others in any way possible and knowing that they are involved as well is a plus.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #4: Having third-party accolades is great, for instance a best of state award, best nutrition, or best service for “X” year, athlete accolades and even anniversary accolades.Having accolades are important for edification for a new prospect. They come in handy, it also shows prove they are legit.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #5: Making sure the company is in social media is important to me, it shows that the company is actively marketing in different ways as well getting known in social media groups, most network marketing companies don’t advertise, but by being in social media it cuts advertising cost by millions which equals to more money, bonuses and incentives for the reps as they keep succeeding in their home based business.

Starting A Home Based Business Tip #6: Best way to sift and sort companies I have discovered is first, figuring out what kind of product relate to me the most (electronic, on-line service, clothing, mobile, nutritionals etc…), second look into only those companies and go over the tips above and third, choose the company your going with and stay there. Before you do that go and “sponsor shop”. Seek out a great leader in the company, one that implements great off-line and on-line strategies like attraction marketing. In closing my friend, just do your homework. I hope the “Starting A Home Based Business Tips” above helped you in your journey to choosing the right MLM company.